Are you using Kanban? The Acid Test

Speaker pitch
Kanban starts with the processes, roles and policies you’re using now. This means you can be using the Kanban Method but not yet have a process that effectively limits work in progress, let alone brings all the expected benefits of Kanban such as improved lead times, throughput and quality. How then do you know if you are really applying Kanban well? The answer is the Litmus Test a series of 4 questions (and supplementaries) that drills into the way your organisation is using Kanban. This presentation will explain what the Litmus Test is and how it can guide adopters of the method to move step by step through the elements. The Litmus Test links many aspects of Kanban together, such as the nature of true kanban systems, the reasons and business benefits of deferred commitment, the opportunities for increasing customer satisfaction through effective forecasting and classes of service, and the new business models opened up by deep Kanban implementations.

Le mot de l’organisation
Parce que Andy est une personne que l’on apprécie et qu’il sera disponible pendant la conférence. Et oui, une conférence ce n’est pas que des sessions mais aussi des rencontres (je suis poète aujourd’hui). Ensuite c’est une session plus pour public confirmé pour aider à comprendre ce qu’il est possible de faire encore mieux. Nous ne doutons pas un instant que vous faites dèjà très bien (là je deviens fayot).

Lieu: Date : 30 novembre 2016 Heure: 13 h 30 min - 14 h 30 min acarmichael Andy Carmichael