Kanban Policy Game

Speaker pitch

The Kanban method refers to policies extensively. First in the service delivery principles we have “Your organization is an ecosystem of interdependent services steered by its policies, reflect regularly on their effectiveness and improve them.” Instead of viewing our processes as a sequence of activities, workflow, roles and responsibilities, we want to view the existing processes as sets of policies and define those policies explicitly. Accordingly, the fourth practice of the Kanban Method asks us to “Make policies explicit.” Making policies explicit makes them visible to everyone interested. As a result, the policies can be challenged and changed.

The Kanban Policy Game is a fun way to experience how policies affect productivity i.e. number of work items produced per unit time. The game has rules and policies. Rules are fixed and cannot be changed. Policies are changeable and that’s the main idea!

The game has three iterations. 1) In the first iteration we make our three policies explicit: “Collaboration Policy”, “Pull Policy” and “WIP Policy”. 2) In the second iteration we change only the “WIP Policy” by limiting the work in process. 3) In the third iteration we change only the “Collaboration Policy” by allowing people to help each other at any time.

Learning outcomes

1) How to visualize invisible knowledge work? 2) How to use Feedback loops (daily meeting)? 3) How to Limit Work in Progress (WIP)? 4) How to make policies explicit? 5) Policy changes are cheap and have huge effect on productivity. 6) What a Kanban system looks like (limiting WIP and establishing Pull)? 7) How blockers affect productivity?

Le mot de l’organisation

Un nouveau jeu qui vient juste de sortir sur Kanban. Certains préfèrent des sessions théoriques, d’autres préfèrent l’expérimentation. Cette session est pour les deuxièmes.

Lieu: Date : 29 novembre 2016 Heure: 9 h 00 min - 11 h 00 min dimitar Dimitar Bakardzhiev altug%cc%86-b-altintas%cc%a7 Altuğ B. Altıntaş Nursel Cıbır