Speaker pitch

# Planning for value

Software development is overwhelmingly planned on the basis of cost and time. Unfortunately this doesn’t work too well. Worse still there is always someone, somewhere, who will offer a lower price – even if they can’t actually deliver for that price or in that time.

Agile has made things worse. Agile has raised expectations, after all, everyone knows « Agile » means « Faster, better and cheaper ». But most of the agile toolkit improves the supply of software, Agile as we know it says very little about the demand side of the equation.

The only way to break this vicious circle is switch to the value side of the equation. We need to look at the benefit software brings and plan on the basis of value rather than cost. Fortunately we have the technology! Stories, return on investment, cost of delay and planning horizons provide the answers.

In this presentation Allan Kelly will discuss how to use benefit to drive software planning and how this approach supports the #NoProjects agenda.

Le mot de l’organisation

#NoProjects, c’est un peu le lien manquant entre Beyond Budgeting (la suppression du processus budgétaire annuel) et Manage Flow. Nous le voyons comme un élément facilitateur pour mettre les bonnes demandes dans les tuyaux. Dans son abstract, Allan Kelly parle d’Agile mais ce qu’il va dire s’applique tout autant dans l’univers Lean Kanban.

Lieu: Date : 29 novembre 2016 Heure: 13 h 30 min - 14 h 30 min AllanKelly2013lr Allan Kelly