The Lean Code

Lean? Kanban? How can techniques invented by a Japanese car company be relevant to software development and IT? Lean writer Michael Ballé claims that lean is really the Toyota Production System applied outside of Toyota to industries as diverse as heathcare, IT or start-ups. We have much to learn from TPS because, contrarily to its misleading name (it should really be known as the Thinking People System) lean is a learning structure, not an execution method – based on learning by doing with the teams that do the job themselves. In this unusual talk, Michael will share with us what this learning structure really is and how we ca make it work in any work environment to discover the deeper goal of lean: learning to learn.

Lieu: Date : 29 novembre 2016 Heure: 9 h 00 min - 10 h 00 min michael-netherlands-2014 Michael Ballé