What does ‘good’ look like?

Speaker pitch

A hands-on workshop, the chance to experience the practical application of Cynefin, Clean Language, and Agendashift to the discovery and expression of desired outcomes for your team and its wider organisation. Learn how to give shape to a good future!

We’re taking the following elements from the Agendashift action/debrief workshop:

  1. Contextualisation: using Clean Language and the Cynefin Four Points Contextualisation exercise to elicit and organise outcomes from the raw material of participants’ objectives and challenges
  2. Assessment, debrief, prioritisation: using a mini version of the Agendashift Values-based delivery assessment, get a sense of where we are (as a diverse group) and our priority areas
  3. Alignment: identify desired outcomes for those action areas and overlay these on the results of the contextualisation exercise
  4. Reaffirmation: using the non-prescriptive and non-judgemental language of the assessment, write our own optimistic statements about our future organisations

Time permitting, we may insert a planning step between 3 and 4.

Le mot de l’organisation

Un retour pour Mike à LKFR après un passage il y a 3 ans. Pour ceux qui ne le connaissent pas, c’est lui qui a publié le blog sur les valeurs de Kanban.

Lieu: Date : 29 novembre 2016 Heure: 16 h 00 min - 18 h 00 min mike-burrows Mike Burrows olivier-my Olivier My