alberto-brandolini Alberto Brandolini

Who are you ?

I am a curious folk that tries to solve problems. Problems change, curiosity remains the same.
I used to write software to solve problems, then I worked with people in order to solve the problems that were impeding them in writing software. Now I am finding ways to challenge the problems, checking whether we’re solving the right one, or if we should be focusing somewhere else instead.

What do you do for living ?

I run avanscoperta a small consultancy and training company, which is my trick to spend a lot of time with really brilliant people.

What do you want talk about at Lean Kanban France ?

EventStorming is my hot topic right now, and everything that happens around large scale collaborative modelling. The recipe is relatively simple: unlimited space, very simple notation and the right people. But this had led me in very interesting unexplored places. In casual conversations, …I love systems. I love to find reasons why things are the way they are.

What will make you say ‘waouh’ at the end of the conference ?

I love when learning and curiosity bring me in unexpected places. When I can back home thinking « I’ve never thought about it in this way »

What will make you think that attendees have learnt a lot during your session ?

The energy during the session, I try to read a lot of body language, so many times is not necessary to speak. However, I like situations when the workshop is over and I am still kidnapped by an unstoppable flow of questions. Curiosity. That’s the driver.

And because I know lots of people fan of the workshop, why event storming was created ?

It wasn’t a plan. It was a weird thing that looked promising, and a sequence of experiments that reshaped it.
Put in another way: it was relatively easy to make it work, it took me a lot of time to understand why it worked. :o)

What is the story behind it’s creation ?

The first idea came up by chance in a DDD meetup in Italy, some years ago. Everybody was asked to show how they would model a complex business process with Aggregates, Commands and Events. At that time, I used to travel with an IKEA paper roll in my backpack, since I hated running meetings in dysfunctional meeting rooms.

I took out the paper, placed a few coloured sticky notes, and once I finished I looked for the other models. No one else had even started. Looked like I was onto something. I started playing with the format, but the real turning point happened during Vaughn Vernon’s IDDD tour, while I was a guest speaker in Leuwen. Too many smart people were in that room. When we run the workshop, the feedback was… WOOOOMMMM!! A community of practitioners was born that day, bringing many fresh ideas and perspectives that I couldn’t have found by myself.

Slowly I ended up making experiments outside of DDD, in areas like modelling a whole startup business processes, provide a different approach to Value Stream Mapping, or even User Centered Design. It looked like Domain Events are a pretty versatile starting point.
Now I use it for large scale requirement gathering, designing business processes, reshaping strategies in my company, running retrospectives. I also used it to help my daughter to study history. :o)

To finish, for the fun, what is your favorite word?

‘Serendipity’ is actually a good candidate.
‘Curiosity’ too.

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