nicktune_pcn443 Nick Tune

Who are you ?

I was given the name Nick when I was born, and I haven’t decided to change it yet. Instead, I have been focusing my time on making impacts – helping organisations to make business impacts by building engineering cultures focused on satisfying user needs and striving to deliver frequently. I’m especially passionate about transformations – nothing excites or motivates me more than the opportunity to take a promising/lagging organisation and helping it to become market leading through a world class engineering culture, and to do it with a group of people who share my passion and pride.

When I’m not trying to fix the world, I like to blog (, write books (Patterns, Principles and Practices of Domain-Driven Design), and to fill my brain with as much new information as possible on topics ranging from tech, to business to psychology. Currently I’m learning French – easily the most beautiful language on the planet, bien sur!

What do you do for living ?
I’ve been blagging my way as a software developer for a few years now. I’m not sure what I’ll do next when people realise I’m not one. I love everything from trying to influence organisational change to architecting software systems right down to writing clean, maintainable code guided by TDD. I also try to teach other people how to write beautiful code like mine, but they just don’t seem capable.

What do you want talk about at Lean Kanban France ?
I want to make people think deeply about their efforts at agile and digital transformation. I want to show the same mistakes that so many organisations are constantly making – including cosmetic changes like renaming project managers to scrum masters… and then expecting magical things to happen. I want to talk about my experiences in government and the private sector, giving examples of what separates the high-performing agile organisations from those who sprinkle agile pixie dust on their corn flakes.

What will make you say ‘waouh’ at the end of the conference ?
If someone laughs at one of my jokes, I may even say ‘waouh’ twice.

What will make you think that attendees have learnt a lot during your session ?
They aren’t tweeting how I just wasted an hour of their lives and they’ll never forgive me for it.

What is your favorite word ?

What is the word you hate ?

What is the sound, the noise that you love ?
People laughing at my jokes because I don’t hear it very often.

What is your favorite oath, swear word or blasphemy ?
Ooh la-la la-la la-laa! vraiment!

Who is the man or woman to illustrate a new banknote ?
The Green Power Ranger.

What is the job that you would not have liked to do ?
Cooking. I get rushed to A&E with serious burns every time I try and make even just an omelette. I would be dead within a week of being a chef.

What is the plant, tree or animal in which you would like to be reincarnated ?
Please don’t make me come back!

If God exists, what would you like, after your death, hear him to say?
I’m sorry I gave you such an ugly face, Nick!

What is the question you’d like me to ask you ?
Nick , vous allez revenir l’année prochaine et parler en français, oui ?

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